Dazy Chains is a crochet project by Hayley Mortin based in Tiohtà:ke/Montreal. 

The project is named after a concept in computing known as "daisy-chaining", by which multiple devices are wired together to transmit a signal. 'Chaining' is also a term in crochet, which usually forms the foundation of a garment.  Inspired by the influence that 18th-century garment-making machines had on the first computational devices, Dazy Chains is a gentle nod to the long interwoven history of computers and textiles.


I'm committed to supporting small scale yarn suppliers/fabricators and try to shop locally as much as I can. I work with:  animal (mohair, wool, alpaca), natural fibres (cotton, linen) and synthetic fibres (nylon, acrylic).


I use a combination of hand and machine (I use a Silver Reed LK-150) knitting techniques, sometimes combined with crochet. All pieces are original patterns. 



I currently ship to Canada and the US via Canada Post. For international orders please write to me and I will look into alternative shipping options. 

Shipping takes between 1-10 business days. 


Care Instructions

Each garment comes with unique care instructions based on the fibre used. 

As a rule of thumb, cottons and synthetic fibres can be machine washed on delicate with a gentle detergent.

Mohair/wool/alpaca garments should be hand washed in cold water and laid flat to dry.

Returns & Exchanges

All items listed are final sale. Each piece includes its dimension and sizes, but if you would like additional photographs or have any questions prior to purchase please send me an email.

Business Inquiries and Collaboration

Dazy Chains is run by myself and is not my full time gig. I never intended to create a business out of this and therefore don't intend to scale like one. Yarn is expensive (especially natural fibres) so selling my work helps me to sustainably keep some kind of practice going. Plus, knowing that someone wants to wear something I made is a huge joy ‎♡

I am open to collaborating with small businesses/artists if my time allows. Please write to me ([email protected])  with your project idea/proposal and intented timeline and I will get back to you.